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Research Meme


[[I… didn’t mean for it to be this long, aniki. So sorry.]]

The world felt more dangerous than usual. The skies were darker, the air, colder, the cities uninviting—the terrain he’d come to know like the back of his hand almost seemed…. foreign. During his first journey with the others, the world guided and always gave them the wisdom needed to overcome any sort of obstacle, but not this time.

For the first time in a long while, Yuri felt alone again.

Seven months—more than half a year since her mysterious disappearance. It wasn’t apparent at first. Judith always tended to go off on her own and not show up for several weeks, sometimes more than a month, but she never failed to stop by whenever there was a chance.

Yuri had begun to notice the signs when he hadn’t heard from her in two months. He did a lot of traveling himself, so every once in a while, perhaps during a quest for Nordopolica, he’d see Ba’ul’s shadow sweeping over a large mass of the terrain, and when Yuri looked up he’d see the whale-like figure hovering above while carrying the Fiertia around like a baby. Of course, Judith was undoubtedly onboard and it automatically made Yuri smile at the thought.

But in the third month when he came across the rather disconcerted-looking Entelexeia (in all honesty Yuri couldn’t tell from Ba’ul’s face, just felt a vibe coming off him) near the peak of Mount Temza, and when out of reflex his eyes started searching for Judith, he started to worry. It wasn’t enough to send him off in a frenzy just yet—he knew he needed to get his facts straight first—but it was enough to raise silent questions in his mind.


Yuri searched with Ba’ul; every corner of the world map, ever nook and cranny of any dungeon they come across. Still no luck. There weren’t any signs of struggle in the Fiertia, so he surmised the kidnapping… or whatever sort of other incident… happened elsewhere.

The fourth month was when Yuri was at his most desperate. He’d gone to Flynn, to Estelle, Karol, Rita, Raven, even Leblanc and the Tweedle Brothers. All of them offered their immediate help. Flynn sent troops from all across the globe out on search parties, and the party banded together for one more journey. For a moment, it felt like the old days, but not quite.

It wasn’t quite the same without her.

When the seventh month neared its end, Yuri was surprised to see everyone walking towards him at the Fiertia deck, lamenting eyes trained down at their feet upon stopping. When he asked them what was wrong, it was Raven who stepped forward and broke the semi-circle they’d formed around him. Raven’s answer surprised him.

"Let’s give up, kid."

—No, it made him angry.

"Seven months… it’s really unlikely she’s still…"

Everything was tuned out after that. He recalled bits and pieces of the memory. The screams from everyone, Yuri’s calm tone but the anger apparent in his eyes. None dared to overpower his piercing gaze—they were scared.

Well, so was he!

It wasn’t their fault, he knew that. Anyone would have given up after sweeping the entire world over and over again, only to leave with the same results: nothing. Anyone would have thought the worst…

…but Yuri wasn’t just anyone. If anything, he was stubborn, and refused to believe anything other than the fact that she was still alive. How could it be otherwise, anyway? This is Judith we’re talking about. She wouldn’t die, not when there’s still so much to see, still so much to be done.

Yuri didn’t want to stay mad at his friends, so he made the decision to leave and search alone. Well, as alone as he could get with Repede by his side.

He didn’t want to think he’d have to search on the eighth month, as well.

"Maybe I just need to take five…" he trailed off. "I’m… really tired. Repede, will you keep watch?" A small bark in confirmation earned a smile from Yuri. "Thanks."

They set up camp near a river. Their area had been quiet enough to appease his raging headache, but he wasn’t prepared for the sight that was to come.


Caught slumped between the rocks situated in the middle of the stream, was Judith!

Her hair had been in a tangled mess, out of its bun and all over her shoulders and covering her face. Yuri didn’t think twice about anything; he immediately dived into the water without bothering to remove his boots, and swam as if his life depended on it. He didn’t swim fifty miles across but it sure felt like it. When he finally touched her, her arm, his hand found her cheek and lifted her face so he could see.

"Yeah," he said, voice oozing with relief. "That’s Judy, alright."

Still beautiful, still elegant, but still unconscious.

One arm around her shoulders, and her face tucked snugly into his chest, Yuri pulled back and swam towards their camp. He settled her on the ground and lowered his ear next to her mouth to check if—

She wasn’t breathing!

"Dammit!" He sprang into action and pushed his fists onto the spot between her breasts. Once, twice, thrice, until he reached thirty. Then he lifted her nose and brought their lips together to force air into her lungs. This process was repeated endlessly. He refused to believe she was dead. I’ll give you all the damn air in my lungs if I have to, so don’t you dare die on me!

Repede barked in rhythms. He served as a guide for Yuri to push in more steady intervals so he wouldn’t mess up, but to no avail… despite his best efforts, there was no response.

"Judith," he pleaded, voice barely a whisper. He leaned in closer, feeling himself about to keel over from exhaustion. To anyone it might have looked like another attempt to resuscitate, but he merely pressed his lips gently against hers, eyes closed but teeming with pain, wishing with all his might for a miracle to happen. He didn’t usually leave everything in the hands of fate, but there was nothing else he could do, nothing else to hold onto. He was losing her. "This is foul play."

All the words he couldn’t say, the things he couldn’t do, the feelings he refused to admit—

"Come back to me. Please…"

They were all flowing out of him naturally, like streams from under the earth.

For the first time in seven months, he felt like giving up.

So imagine his surprise when her chest abruptly rose and fell with a cough, water spurting out of her nose and mouth, followed by a groan. It was a pitiful sight, but she was still Judith, and she was alive.

He was rough when he pulled her close, serving as a little punishment for disappearing for seven, almost eight months, but right now he was all about pressing his cheek against her forehead, gripping her so tightly his knuckles turned white. He trembled. Out of fear, out of relief…

…out of love.

Later, when Judith fully comes to, she’ll have to be prepared to face Ba’ul’s wrath before Yuri’s, and the entire party’s.


But for now, Yuri’s just glad to feel her faint breaths against the skin of his chest.

Saunters in here. Grabs your roasting spit. Eats it off the stick. Is probably not fully cooked. Stares at you creepily tbh.



"Eating it raw probably isn’t good for you."

Actually, he’s not even mad. That’s amazing.


"Then make me some more damn food, so I don’t have to eat it, buddy.

He would’ve been fine with it had it not been for her tone. “What’s in it for me?”



"But where’s the fun if you’re the only one who gets such a wonderful view all the time? If I do that, you shouldtake off that shirt at the least… Maybe trade your pants for a pair of shorts too."

His little smile evolved into a grin. “You want mine off? It’s a trade. My shirt for yours.”

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"I’d tell you the same, but if you wear any less than that, you’d probably be arrested."


"There are people that wear less than me, you know? Maybe I should get an even more revealing bikini and strut around in that all the time for a change."

"Hey, you’re not gonna hear me complain."

Kane wo Narashite/Ring a Bell

I couldn’t find the guitar chords for Kane wo Narashite/Ring a Bell, so I, uh, made my own. I’m sure there are mistakes, but these were the closest I could get to the tune with my amateur guitar skills. Lmao. I hope you enjoy, or something. Or if you can suggest a better combination of chords, by all means.

D                      A                                E
Kimi to hanarete, boku wo sagashite
Reaching up for no man`s land To take a breath and take a chance
                             A      A7
Ikusen no yo wo aruite
I walk a thousand nights to change the world

D                           A                          E
Nani wo mezashite, dare wo shinjite
Where to go? When to stop? Who to trust? What to say?
                                  A      A7
Chikatte wa mata yuraida
 Found them all, just need someone to share

C                      A                                Bm                    A            A7
Yuuyami ni wa kiba wo mukedo, tsuyokunai sou tsuyoku wa nai
It`s now in the dusk every day to everyone Ain`t so strong, I ain`t so strong to go
C                             A                      Bm                       A7- hold
Kimi ni se wo mukete hisashiku manten no hoshizora ga sabishii
Living in life as it`s not the way to live I wish you could hear me say that I miss you


D                            A
Hikari wa kage no, kage wa hikari no
Why were we there back to back? Why were we there face to face?
C                         Bm           A
hate made tsuite iku no darou
I must be the light when you`re in the dark
D                A      Bm       A
boku ga waratte ikite ita no nara
If you lose me somewhere, and your tears are in the air
C                 D          A              A7     D
kane wo narashite, kimi ni shirase yo
I will ring a bell until you feel me by your side

D - A - E - A

D                        A                                 E
yurushita mono to, yurusareta mono wa
Looking up into the sky, looking for the reason
E                       A    A7
onaji kizu wake atte
Why I`m here, and why you can`t be here
D                    A                                  E
omote to ura no kanashimi wa itsuka
Who`s to hate? Who`s to blame? Who`s to hurt? Who`s to love?
                       A       A7
rakuen de iyasareru
Who decides? Why can`t we be the same?

C                           A                       Bm               A            A7
asamoya ni kodamasuru kane, tookunai sou tooku wa nai
Try to believe walking down the lonesome road Ain`t so far, I ain`t so far from you
C                          A                     Bm                 A7-hold
kimi ga kimi rashiku aru koto, sore wa mata kodoku to mo iu
Staying the way you are means solitude I wish you were here and shook off my fear


D                              A                           C
sekai wa shiro ka kuro, heiwa ka arasoi
What has been in the mix too long? There`s the peace when you`re at war
                                       E                                              A
Heads or tails, you and I, light and dark, ups and downs
D                       A                    C                E                                    D
sono mannaka de bokutachi wa itsuka deai te wo tsunagu darou ka
What has been in the mere goal? What`s there to divide us? If you`re hurt, cry and say can`t you see your might of the heart?



Clapping yuri lowell because reasons


Clapping yuri lowell because reasons




stares at hat…………………………..

hat stares into ur soul…………………………..


akimihikari said: Yuri or Flynn
he lives in u he lives in me he murders people past 12:15…………..

he got a funky hat too…..