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【 Brave Vesperia 】 - The brightest star in the sky.
Striving to uphold justice while punishing the unjust.


"I didn’t have a choice…I’m so sorry Repede. I killed your dad."

We’ve been without electricity for three days now thanks to typhoon glenda, and I’m accessing tumblr through phone. It would have been a perfect time to do replies given that I’m not too busy with work this weekend, but no, a freaking typhoon had to pass by and fuck up our power and, by extension, out internet connection. This sucks.

Welp, I’m ranting. This was supposed to be just a heads up, so…

Heads up. Haha.

Miss you guys. Maybe I’ll try to do replies via phone. It’ll take me forever though.


"You got guts. Too bad you’re one of the Empire’s dogs."


by あお



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nice and powerful?

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don’t be like teepo

The Man on the Poster (Closed RP)



This whole time, Kyle continued to chase after Yuri, hoping he would manage to catch up. Even though the blond was fast, it seemed that the man he was pursuing was pretty fast as well, managing to stay one step ahead the whole time. At the same time, the man was managing to chat with people who seemed to live in this town. And yet, they were having casual chats with him - why were they talking with him so casually? So many people were talking with him, and it seemed like they didn’t even care that he was some kind of wanted criminal…

Once in the middle of town, the man turned around and faced down Kyle, his sword quickly drawn as the sheath flew to the side. It was definitely a stylish way to unsheathe a sword, Kyle had to admit. Granted, the way Kyle wore his sword sheath meant it was impossible for him to do. That aside, there were lots of people watching the two young men staring each other down in the center of town. Some of them looked pretty concerned for their dark haired companion, as well. What was the reasoning for this?


Suddenly, a couple children came between Kyle and Yuri, staring at the newcomer with determined looks on their faces, arms spread wide. “Please don’t hurt Yuri!” They exclaimed, giving all kinds of reasons why the man was a good person. What they weren’t aware of, however, is the fact that Kyle had a bit of a soft spot for children, considering he helped so many of them back home. Perhaps he needed to have a discussion with this Yuri about the wanted poster before drawing his sword again.

"These kids… And all the people in this town… They seem to like and admire you…" Kyle’s hand went to his side, still holding onto his sword just in case, but if what these kids were saying about the man was true, maybe he wouldn’t need it. "But your face was on that wanted poster… I don’t understand." He shook his head slowly. "If you’re so liked around here, why do they want you arrested?"

Yuri hadn’t expected the kids to get in the way. —Actually, he should’ve expected it. These were Lower Quarter kids, after all, made of tough cookies and everything. So he sighed and instinctively lowered his sword, then used his free hand to scratch the back of his head.

"Hey now, this is grownup stuff. Go home." The little squirts refused to budge, insisting on getting in the way of the fight and standing protectively before Yuri, despite being so small. They were on the verge of tears. Yuri rolled back in surprise and ambled to their side. "Yikes. I get it, I’m sorry." He knelt down, setting his sword on the ground then moved to ruffle their hair. "Thanks for backing me up, but I’ll be fine. I’m really strong, aren’t I?"

They were trembling when they nodded, snot oozing out of their noses. Their eyes were glassy with tears. He stifled a laugh. Yuri was so amused he failed to notice that his pursuer had lowered his own weapon and was staring at the strange scene with confusion in his eyes. Then came the question:

If you’re so liked around here, why do they want you arrested?

"You got me," he said, shrugging. "I dunno about being ‘liked’ or ‘admired,’ but they don’t seem to complain when I’m around. I get why you’re confused, though. I’m supposed to be a criminal, after all, and yet I’m on the loose."

If you look at the kids who’ve hid themselves behind Yuri though, they look as though they’re about ready to protest.

Yuri held a hand to the side of his mouth, leaning forward as if his words were a secret. ”Between you and me, kid: the knights around here try too hard to change that.”