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Hey lovelies!

It would be super awesome if you could tag any potential Xillia 2 spoilers in the coming days. I’m not sure when I’m going to be getting/playing the game, and I’m trying to avoid any big spoilers! 

Also I am trying to get back into the swing of things here; sorry for my absence!


Thanks, everyone <3

                           I call everyone I know
                           the only things of
                                    v a l u e
                           I could ever own.




Yuri froze upon opening the door, finding Estelle already sound asleep on one of the beds in the inn. He automatically softened his footsteps as he entered the room, taking careful strides towards the nearby table and dropping off the supplies he bought for the trip back home.


           {  }— He points to his left, then covers pallid lips with that same hand in order to stifle a mild cough. "On the left."


           He wouldn’t recommend it, though.

Sticking a Pocky in his mouth, he then grins. “Take me there?”

It can’t be that bad. This kid looks as though he needs the trip.


           {  }— He’s sick, so approach with caution.


"Hey you. Yeah, you. Where’s the infirmary?"



It was a sign of camaraderie between them, something kindred and substantial that had bloomed. Seeing Yuri’s various expressions when he wasn’t looking so calm about everything was a treasure Colette wasn’t entirely sure everyone knew about save his own comrades. The way his eyes widened a bit at her open-palmed gesture made her only laugh a bit brighter, eyes crinkling from her smile until they shut completely. 

"Please?" She queried, waiting for the warmth of his skin to touch her own, not taking any real regard to the callouses save that they were weathered hands. Did it matter? Colette liked the feel of Yuri’s hand in hers, and so it was fine, wasn’t it?

"Hehe, good! I heard you trying to hide a laugh, you know! I like when you laugh, too. But..I like a lot of things about you, Yuri!" Came her chirp, not yet removing her hand until his statement. For all her experience, the matters of how to handle the affections of the opposite sex much less the words that made the emotions dance were..foreign to her.


"I doubt anyone would be okay with me kissing everyone! It would be a little weird. Goodness, why would it trouble you? I’m afraid I don’t understand."

Yuri always took his oaths seriously, being how he was, that they became somewhat heavy. So unless he resolved to place full effort in keeping them, he rarely gave out his word to just anybody. Walking down a path no one thought to take, silently trying to take on problems in the shadows, this had been Yuri’s life, not for the taking.

So it was a huge thing for Yuri to extend his pinky and curl it with Colette’s, the simple act becoming something more, a gesture similar to his sword held in the air against Flynn’s. It was that important to him.

And he swore, this time around, not to wander without aim, unlike the months before joining the knights and meeting the captain. This time around, Yuri knew what he wanted, and it was right in front of him.

She was right in front of him, smiling like the angel that she was, giving light to his slightly-dim world.

"You know, if we’re talking about adorable laughs here," he began, voice light and teasing. "You’d win, hands down." To say he liked a lot of things about her as well, would be an understatement. Yuri liked everything about Colette, even the things he didn’t know about yet. He would want it, more than anything, for her to open up to him and tell him her innermost thoughts. He already was an open book for her to read, and he wasn’t much of a book person, but this particular cover, he’d be willing to open.

Shifting awkwardly at the question, Yuri cleared his throat and willed himself to keep his cool, stay casual. He could say it—say what he meant and make it seem as if he were joking. It was one of his many skills.

But… let her see through his facade.

"Naturally I’d be jealous. You really have to ask?"

One time, Yuri turned gay because of Colette.


you always betray me :)

You can be real scary if you want to!

And I’m not betraying you jeez!




"No. I dunno what this is about, but…"