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in short colette needs to just take him in and be like shh i make fruit pies and brush out your hair and we cuddle with repede all day and i tell you neat stories about my adventures and you can tell me neat stories while we hold hands and laugh

that would be really awesome tho…. and fruit pies. yoori likes sweet things yay and cuddling with repede sounds adorable sob i think i want happy things too but i doubt he’d want to get her involved. knights are going to be on his trail after all.

[[ Okay I’ve had this rp idea for a while now but this turned into somewhat of a short fic, with a really bad cliffhanger. Lmao. If anyone’s interested in roleplaying this with me—you don’t have to be a Flynn roleplayer to do this btw—let me know.

Flynn knew that stench all too well.

It invaded his nostrils often enough, given his line of work, but today it had been especially strong—quite impossible to miss. The sound of clanking metal and the rustling of his cape mixed when he pushed open the castle doors, blue eyes still widening in shock despite half-expecting the sight.

Gaze steeling, he surveyed the pile of bodies strewn across the floor. They all lay on top of their own pools of blood, the swords scattered about on marble floor and some had been dug into the corpses’ guts. He pushed aside any thoughts that these were his own men, beaten and stabbed to death by some heartless soul who dared to invade the castle during his absence. The silence wasn’t something he was used to, either. Even when things were quiet Flynn could sometimes hear the soft breaths in the hallway, the birds chirping, and the rustling leaves sporadically pushed by the wind. Right now there were none of those. Just dead silence.

Until it was shattered by the metallic footsteps storming into the room.

Flynn didn’t turn around to see who they were. Three clumsy sets of footsteps almost always implied Captain Leblanc and his troops, Adecor and Bocco, so he continued to walk around the room, deep in his thoughts.

Flynn saw bloodied footprints leading to the exit. From the looks of them, there were two kinds—one had been smaller than the other, but the blood was already caked. He bent down to run two fingers on the larger prints, and found that it was damp.

Flynn rose, one foot forward to compare with the larger prints. They were around the same size, he surmised, then took strides next to the trail. They matched, which meant this one was around his height.

What of the smaller ones, though?

He or she was probably long gone by now.

“Commandant?” Leblanc broke the flurry of questions beginning to enter Flynn’s mind, then stepped forward with an almost concerning look on his face.

Flynn’s expression steeled. “Do you have any suspects?”

“Just one, sir.”

Flynn nodded, motioning for the captain to continue.

“One of our knights saw a man exiting this very room. His clothes were bloodsoaked, and seemed to be in a hurry. They chased him, but he was too fast.”

“Have you any leads on his identity?”

Flynn took note of the reluctance in Leblanc’s demeanor, but urged him to say it anyway.

“There’s no mistaking it,” said the captain. “That man was none other than Yuri Lowell.”

whorxifying replied to your post: [[ Okay I’ve had this rp idea for a while now but…

yuRI —- let colette scoop you up goD

aidhnflshvxkue //lets her scoops him up sob.


Okay, I’m just going to sort out my drafts. Help me out here. If your url ain’t here but we have a thread that I haven’t replied to, will you please tell me?

Here we go. This is what’s inside my drafts right now:



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Note: Let me know if I missed anyone, or if you’d like to drop a thread, or start a new one.

This goes for people whom I haven’t interacted with, as well.

Tales of Title Screens


The saga continues.  I don’t actually know what Sodia’s rank is or what her last name would be.  How do I sign her name?  More characters need last names.


I punched someone at the train station today.


Writing letters in-character is fun.

I actually spent the longest time picking handwriting fonts for these.  I headcanon that Yuri has atrocious handwriting because impoverished street kids wouldn’t have gotten formal schooling and he probably got pretty scattered education in literacy.  Since Yuri isn’t a book-learning kind of guy, I don’t see him as the sort to spend his teenage years practising handwriting so it’s a mess.  Flynn had the same sparse schooling as Yuri, but it was important to him to learn to write properly so he spends a lot of time carefully forming each letter to be as neat as possible.